Watercolor is one of my close friends, we are together since when I was a child.

I usually spend my spare time on watercolor painting and photography. I love to create arts to give them as a gift or a present to my family and friends, to those that I love. I also enjoy creating an artwork which looks beautiful to hang on wall. I was always like that since my childhood.

I believe a beautiful painting is a very valuable gift, you draw your emotions and deep feelings on a paper to make some one happy. Sometimes beautiful accidents happens and you come up with a totally new artwork which you didn’t plan it that way at all. Sometimes it gets struggling, tough or hard to make, specially for those that didn’t have the chance to learn about basics and rules of drawing and painting, just like myself. I had to try again and again until I learned.

I created this website with the purpose of sharing my knowledge and help art lovers to be able to create their own wall decorations. I will try to keep you posted about my new art works from time time and provide guidelines so you can also create one.

You can write to me through the contact page of this website.

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