It is almost fall season and everything is turning yellow, orange and brown. I did a quick painting video, unfortunately the angel of camera was not really good, well no surprise as I’m new to photo shooting my own painting, but I thought to share the below videos with you, I believe it should give right guidance to you if you want to try painting leaves.

Equipment and Painting Materials you need:

Before you start is good to prepare all painting quipments you need. I would recommend you to use professional painting equipment, it has an important effect on the outcome of your work. Below you can find name or brand of material I use.

  • What Watercolor Painting colors to use?

I used Schmincke Phthalo blue,  Winsor &Newton Yellow Gamboge  and  St. Petersburg Vermillion red for these painting. I have the habit of painting with the three primary colors and mixed them to get secondary colors. I don’t have green in my pallet, for green parts of these paintings I mixed Phthalo blue and Yellow Gamboge. I have added the picture these products so you can find them in store easier.





  • What type of watercolor paper to use?

I have used Fabriano Torchon 300 gr (140 lb) for this painting you can also try Fabriano Artistico 100% 300 gr (140 lb).

  • How large needs to be the size of paper ?

A4 or A5 is good enough for each of these paintings.

  • What painting brushes to use?

You need round brush size 2,4 and 6.

  • How long does it take to finished these paintings?

You should be able to finish your art work between 1-2 hours, it really depends how fast you are in painting and drawing.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Paint Fall leaf  in Watercolor

Step 1: Draw the outline of watermelons the paper:

The drawing of a leaf is rather easy, basically it is a heart shape with broader portion towards the base, with sharp  teeth on the side.

Step 2: Paint the first layer of the leaflet- Add Orange tone

First make inside of your drawing wet , once the drawing is all wet, load our brush with orange color and add the paint on paper using the bursh strokes below. You need to leave some white areas between your rush strokes where you later will add yellow color in those white parts.  For yellow parts I have used Yellow Aurelion  and for orange I have mixed Vermillion and Aureloin together.

Step 3: Paint the first layer of the leaflet- Add Orange tone

While your paper is still wet, add yellow color where is white, using the brush stroke in below tutorial.

Step 3: Define the leaflet veins with brush

Wile your paper is wet, load your brush with brown color I used burn sienna. and move it along the veins on your drawing.


Step 4: Define the colors one more time

Once your first layer is dry, load your brush with more colors and less water, and gently move your brush on paper as it is shown in the video below, the goal is to add extra color to paper but not lifting the paint from paper. basically repeating step 2&3.

Step 5: Define the edge of the leaflet

Load your small brush with brown tone and move it alone the edges of leaflet like the video below.

Let your painting completing dry. You are ready with your Fall leaf painting. Hope you enjoyed it.

Wall Art and Home Decor ideas with your paintings:

Now that you have your artwork ready, you can get creative and think about Home decor ideas, I have listed few of them below:

  • Original Painting:

Buy a picture frame and hang your painting on the wall, imagine if you have few different seasonal paintings, with the new season you change your wall decors and frames, or you can frame your painting and give it as a gift.

Print your watercolor design on a large or small canvas and hang it on the wall for this you need to find a reliable store to print your picture on these materials. Below you can find how to take a picture of your paintings. You can have a look at my Art Print Shop page where you can order online,

the same as canvas prints you can use quality print shops to print your design on pillows, blankets, curtain & etc. You can have a look at my Art Print Shop page where you can order online, Below are examples of this Watercolor design on throw pillow. You can have a look at my Art Print Shop page where you can order online,

  • WallPaper prints: for this one probably you need to search abit more on a reliable wallpaper print company and provide your design to them to make your own wallpaper prints for your home or office.
  • Stationary prints: You can print your own design on envelops, notebooks, calendars & etc. All you need to find right pint shop for that.
  • Watercolor Watermelon tattoos: If you are fan of watercolor and tattoos then you may look into creating your own watercolor design and then all you need is to find a tattoo artists that would be happy to have that design for you.
  • Phone cases: once you have your desired design in an image format you can ask print stores to print that on your phone cases. Below are the phone cases with my watermelon design, you can order through my Art Print page.
How to photograph your watercolor painting?

To take a printable picture of your painting, you need a camera or a mobile phone with a good quality camera and good sun light. Select the right time of the day for photo shooting. You need to secure your painting  on a table or a wall and hold your phone straight like scanning the painting and take few pictures, later you can edit the lighting or remove the shadows with photo editors.

Hope you had fun creating a beautiful painting and home decors. To support me please  share or follow me posts through this website or on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube #MahsaWatercolor. Thank you

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