Watercolor papers usually come in three forms: sheets, blocks or pads.

  • A Pad is a wire spiral painting book. You can paint while the paper is  attached to the pad, or you can tear it off . This type is mainly used as travel painting equipment or for making quick sketches.  The main down side if this form of paper is you need to wait for paper to dry before moving to next page.
  • A block is  number of cut sheets and  glued on  four sides and free on one of the edges. You can easily separate one sheet for painting or paint on top of the page and once finished remove it.
  • A Sheet is a large size of paper. You can cut the paper to the smaller size paper. If you want to make a large size paintings then you should better use this form of paper.

Watercolor Paper in Sheets or Blocks?

Sheets and blocks are the most commonly used forms of paper.

Blocks are ready to use watercolor papers, you can find them in different sizes, from postal card to large size, usually they come in set of 10, 15 or 20 pages. Blocks are easier to store or transport , however watercolor blocks are more expensive than sheets.

Sheets so far have the largest size of paper and are cheaper than a block.  Therefore if you are not sure about the type of watercolor paper you want to use or you want to try out a new paper texture and cotton content you can buy it in sheet format  and once you are sure you can buy it in blocks. However you will need help with transportation of sheets specially if you purchase in higher volume.

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